Why Dentist May Recommend Veneers

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Take a trip to your favorite sports event and you already see one very good reason why the dentist may recommend the installation of veneers after a complete dental exam. Whether it is a NFL football game, NBA basketball, and especially ice hockey, you will have noticed that most of the players on the park or court or rink will be wearing gum guards. The dental veneers covina installation is motivated by the need for protection.

Most regular sports fans will know by now that ice hockey is probably one of the most brutal contact sports around. Apart from the gum guards, the wearing of other protective gear, particularly by the goal stopper, is not at all owing to the nature of the sport. It may not be the rules of the game but professional players are laying into each other just because their testosterone says they can. Life in general, however, is not a contact sport.

But even so, accidents can happen. And when a tooth is cracked owing to an accident on the school playground or on the road, and can be repaired without having to be removed, the dentist doing the restoration work might want to see his patients wearing veneers for a while until such time that he is well and truly satisfied that the tooth’s healing and the bleeding of gums is complete. The wearing of dental veneers can be a temporary measure for the purposes of protecting or securing the teeth and gums.

But in consideration of the patient’s condition, the installation of veneers can also be permanent. That patient may have highly sensitive teeth that cannot heal entirely. Instead of replacing these teeth with implants or dentures, it could be possible to wear the veneers.