What is a hearing aid?

Most people by now already do. If you pardon the phrase, they will have heard of the hearing aid. But how much do they really know about it? And in turn, how much do they know their own bodies? Do they hear things as well as they should? Are they breathing in (and out) as easily as they should? And are they sitting as comfortably as possible at their desks, but with back straight and feet firmly but comfortably planted on the ground. Hearing aids Charlotte audiology work can quickly determine whether someone like you, perceptively with ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ hearing, could be fitted with a hearing aid.

It is astounding just how much a person, even one with high capabilities and perhaps doing a lot better than others can miss out on.

Hearing aids Charlotte

All because of his ears. Missing out on a few words, phrases, nuances and even the tone of the words can make all the difference between a done deal and a lost opportunity. But the tide is turning. The wearing of a hearing aid is, slowly but surely, losing the stigma that has been attached to it all these years gone by. In fact, hardly anyone notices that a person is wearing a hearing aid. If it is noticed, it looks almost the same as those Bluetooth devices that many tech-savvy folks are placing around their ears these days.

But the discreet location of the hearing aid inside of the ear, instead of curling over it, is not necessarily being done for cosmetic reasons or to appease a person’s feelings of vanity or shame. It is being done for practical reasons. The hearing is a lot better and there is a lot less interference from outside and surrounding the aid.